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Sigma Korea (TSK, FSK, ESK) - High IQ society

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Sigma Korea is an International  high I.Q society located in Korea founded on July 3, 2007 by HanKyung Lee, M.D which has various groups according to cognitive performance; Three Sigma Korea (T.S.K) ≥ IQ 172 sd24 or IQ 145 sd15, Four Sigma Korea (F.S.K) ≥ IQ 196 sd24 or IQ 160 sd15 and Extreme Sigma Korea (E.S.K) ≥ IQ 220 sd24 or IQ 175 sd15 of the unselected adult population. The aim of Sigma Korea is to gather the people who have high level of intelligence and provide an intellectual discussions in forums that TSK, FSK, ESK members are allowed to share ideas and opinion for intellectual life. 

Sigma Korea high IQ society may have important meaning enough as one of I.Q societies in the world. Korea always have been top I.Q ranking country in the world by official statistics and reported academic resources. If you participate in this project is to gather the people who have high cognitive performance located in Korea, you would be a member of the best IQ country society in the world. In the history, Korean couldn't help using their brain to keep identity and survive against others, and consequently this environment help people to do their best in intelligence. It is well explained considering geopolitical factors have utilized for scientific research as well as the humanities field in academia like anthropology with sociobiology. That is this society is just for the people welcome to intellectual work. 



TSK, FSK, ESK are members of World Intelligence Network (WIN)- 49th, 50th, 51st WIN member society

Three Sigma Korea (T.S.K), founded on Jan 22, 2008

Four Sigma Korea (F.S.K), founded on Jul 3, 2007

Extreme Sigma Korea (E.S.K), founded on Jul 25, 2012 

Founder & President : HanKyung Lee, M.D

Vice-President : YoungHoon Kim